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Absence Notification

The SMS Message system for reporting absences is used by most parents as a convenient way to report absences. Parents should notify the school via SMS that their child is going to be late to school, however, on arrival students should go to their respective area of the School (Junior, Middle, Senior) and sign the late book so we know the student has arrived at School.
The preferred procedure for reporting an absence is for parents to SMS the School before 9.00am on: 

0427 016 216

(Note that this is an SMS number only. It is not possible to call on this number).

Please include the following information in your SMS
  • your son or daughter's name
  • year or class 
  • date of absence
  • reason for absence
It is essential that you provide all of the above information to avoid confusion. If you do not have a mobile phone or do not have mobile phone service then you may still phone the School on the morning of the absence and send in a note the following day to explain the absence