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Calligraphy Master visits CCGS

CCGS is fortunate to enjoy a long-standing close relationship with our Japanese sister-schools, Ueda Nishi High School and Kanto Daiichi High School. This year to commemorate our 30th Anniversary, Kanto Daiichi invited famous Calligraphy Master, Mr Yanagida Taizan to undertake a Calligraphy performance for our students.

Mr Taizan is recognised as one of the world’s leading Calligraphy artists and has been practising the art of Calligraphy for 60 years.  In an amazing performance of skill, the Calligraphy Master painted two large Calligraphy characters 'Ji-Ai', representing the ideal of ‘tender love’ and the friendships formed among students through our sister-school relationship.

Mr Taizan creating one of the two characters for CCGS

Year 12 students Alex Ford and Hagen Ashley received special instruction from the Calligraphy Master and used the large brush and inkwell to pen their own characters.The Calligraphy works created by Mr Taizan will be taken back to Japan, framed and sent back to CCGS as an anniversary gift.

Alex receives instruction from the Calligraphy Master to paint his character

Hagen's completed character

CCGS is currently hosting six visiting students from Kanto Daiichi High School and their Chairman and Principal, Mr Masaaki Yoshimura; and six students from Ueda Nishi together with their Chairman, Mr Misuno. The visiting staff and students have been enjoying in-school activities and sampling the sights of the Central Coast and Sydney.