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From CCGS to Casey Station

We might think the Central Coast is a little cold and harsh at the moment, but consider how Antarctic expeditioners handle life on the highest, driest, windiest and coldest continent on earth!

This week Year 6 considered these very points, during a virtual excursion (via a video link) to Casey Station in the Antarctic. During the video link they spoke to 3 expeditioners about day-to-day life at the station; including, what they eat and wear, the weather, wildlife and transport and how they handle the long, dark winter.

During the discussion, Year 6 shared designs of Antarctic vehicles they designed and received some really insightful commentary about the real-world practicalities of their designs in that terrain.

The power of video technology has far reaching benefits for students in extending and enhancing the curriculum to bring the outside world in and to connect students to the world beyond their geographic location. 

"The video conferencing opportunities available to students and teachers is really important in supporting student learning and engagement," said Mr Gavin Summers, Director Of Innovative Learning & Digital Literacy. "Already this term, our Year 9 Sociology class has met with Dr Andrew Stones, a genomics scientist to discuss ethics of genomics in medical research. Moving forward, there are equally valuable video conference opportunities yet to come."