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HICES Maths Tournament

On Thursday, 19 November, four students from Years 7 and 8 travelled to William Clarke College in Kellyville for the HICES Maths Tournament. This competition had 24 teams from 23 schools. The CCGS team consisted of Bailey Eccleston and Ethan Gilder from Year 7, and Mitchell Battersby and Alex Loran of Year 8. In this competition there were three segments, each having a different style.

In the first round we had a test that we had to complete as a team. We did really well and were tied third with four other teams.

In the second competition we had to discover a rule for a pattern while the teacher walked the table of values around. We had to say what the next number in the pattern would be equal to. In this round we came outright first which put us into second place overall.

In the third round, we were made to work in our year groups. However, we were not allowed to progress to the next question until the other group had finished their question, like a relay. We came second in this competition. 

At the end of the day, the winners were announced, and we waited nervously to hear our results.  When they called out second place, we were delighted to be called out. We had not won, but we think this is still a great achievement and we are all very proud of each other. We would like to thank Mrs Ryan for transporting, supervising and supporting us throughout this intense but enjoyable day.

By Alex, Mitchell, Ethan and Bailey.