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School Fees and Payments

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To pay your School Account now, please select the icon at right. 

  • To use our Pay by Phone service, dial 1300 722 802 and follow the prompts.
  • You may use Bank Card, Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit cards for both services.

How to pay by Direct Debit

We now have facilities available for Direct Debit from either your bank account or credit card.

Please download a copy of the form that is relevant for you to make a payment via Direct Debit.

Once you have completed the form please forward to the Accounts Department.

Credit Card Authority
Direct Debit Authority
Direct Debit Request Form

How to pay your school account online

Once you select the "Pay Fees" button to the right your web browser will be redirected to our secure payment server. Follow the 5-step process to check your identity; select a payment option, complete your payment details and pay your account online by credit card via our secure payment gateway.

STEP 1 Enter Account ID
Your "Account ID" is located at the bottom left side of your Statement

Select Payment Option
Check to ensure your Account Name and Account ID are displayed correctly at the top of the form. Select your preferred payment option. You can elect either to [1] make a payment on your school account and a voluntary contribution to the building fund or [2] make a payment on your school account only.

Enter Payment Amount
Enter the amount[s] in dollars and cents you intend paying on your school account balance and/or the amount of the contribution to the voluntary building fund. Check payment amounts entered are correct.

Confirm Payment
Check to ensure that all individual amounts due and the total payment due are displaying correctly. Select the "Pay Now" button and to confirm the amount to be paid and proceed to the payment gateway. Select the "Amend Payment" button to change any payment amount.

Make Credit Card Payment
On the payment gateway, check to ensure that you have correctly entered all your credit card details. Once you press the "Submit" button, do not press it again. Remember that it may take up to a minute for the transaction to complete processing and indicate success or failure.

Please be patient!
After processing your credit card payment a transaction receipt number will be displayed. Please note down the transaction number for your personal records and select the link to return to the CCGS community portal.

How to pay your school account by phone

To use our Pay by Phone service, dial 1300 722 802 and follow the prompts.  Please have your credit card ready. 
At the completion of the payment, please note down the transaction number for your personal records.

Payment Security
All transactions are secured by a 128-bit SSL encryption key, ensuring that your credit card details are securely hidden from view while transacting on the Internet. Once at our CAS Payment Gateway server, your card details are securely passed on to our Bank's secure servers for payment authorisation and processing.

Need help?

Should you have any questions or encounter any problems regarding your account payment, please note your transaction number and then call our Accounts Department on (02) 4367 6766 or email us at

If you are at all concerned about using your credit card online, you can pay you account via any of the other means listed on your statement or contact us for more information, advice or assistance with your account payments.