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Overseas Exchange

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The CCGS Student Exchange Program offers extensive opportunities to students in students in Year 10 to experience another culture, another school, another family, maybe another language. It is a reciprocal program, so students share their everyday lives with a visitor from another country, welcoming them into their own home and school, as well as travelling overseas. Most of all it is a challenging discovery about yourself! You can develop a whole range of new skills and knowledge, confidence, maturity, leadership skills and the ability to deal with challenges and new situations.

Where can we go?
Please note that not all schools participate every year. 

When do we go?

Outbound Students




Length of Exchange

Date of Departure

Japan (Year 10)

One term


USA, Wales, Ireland, Canada, Germany  (Year 10)

Up to 3 months


China (Year 10)

 Up to 1 month


When do they come?

Inbound Country

Timing of Exchange (Approx)

Japan (Year 10)  - Ueda Nishi HS
- Kanto Daiichi HS



June - August


June/July - August



China (Year 11)


Canada (Year 11)


When do I apply?

During Term 3 of Year 9, students are made aware of a wider range of Exchange opportunities for Year 10.

Following an Exchange Information Night, students apply online and attend an interview.  Successful applicants are notified of placement as soon as positions are secured, usually before the end of Term 4

Further Information

CCGS Exchange Program 2016