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Prefect Program

The CCGS Prefect System has been refined over many years and has provided a special avenue for students to serve the School and to demonstrate their leadership potential.

Different approaches have been adopted over the years and the current system takes an inclusive rather than an exclusive approach. Year 11 students who wish to become prefects are encouraged to nominate themselves. Students who do nominate are required to meet certain expectations and must be prepared to act as positive role models at all times. Not all students do nominate and some students choose not to become prefects because of other commitments.

A general information session is organised to outline the Prefect System early in the year. Students who nominate themselves are also interviewed to ensure that they do understand just what being a prefect entails and also to make sure students are not likely to over-commit themselves by taking on the prefect role. As a result of the interviews, students whose past behaviour could indicate that they may not be able to provide a positive role model are sometimes asked to work on improving any areas of concern (e.g. uniform, academic commitments). These students usually become prefects at a later stage.

House Captains and Head Prefects have special leadership responsibilities. These positions are determined by voting. Staff, Year 12 and Year 11 students are eligible to vote.

During Term Two all applicants for prefect position understudy the current Year 12 Prefects and are expected to attend a number of special training sessions organised by the Director of House System and Senior College House Coordinators. Prefects are expected to carry out their duties promptly and efficiently and are called on at times to assist at special events such as Grandparents Day, Speech Night and the Spring Fair.

Prefects can be demoted if they fail to live up to expectations. Prefect Reviews are held whenever a prefect does not meet expectations. The result of the review may mean that a prefect may be asked to hand in their prefect badge or may be asked to stand down for a period of time.

The rewards for being a prefect are often intangible but nevertheless, very real, and will often serve the students for the rest of their lives. Students often learn much about themselves and what it means to work as part of a committed team. They learn to develop many skills associated with inter-personal relationships, leadership, taking initiative, public speaking, organisation, time management, staying motivated, accountability, etc.

A Prefect Handbook is available which sets out Prefect duties and responsibilities and explains in detail how the Prefect System works. All prefects are issued with a copy of this document. Any queries or concerns should be referred to the appropriate Senior College House Co-ordinator or the Director of House System.