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Dear Students,

As many of you have seen, we have completed several printing upgrades which will impact the way you print, copy and scan. These upgrades mean printing is now much faster, better quality, easier . . . and cheaper. Full details below.

New Costs

Per page student printing / copying costs as of Term 2 2015 were:
- 20c / page colour     |     7c / page black     |     2c / page discount for duplex
Per page student printing / copying costs as of Term 3 2015 are:
- 10c / page colour     |     4c / page black     |     1c / page discount for duplex

- monthly printing allowance to remain the same with a cumulative cap of $10 but the new costs practically double the value (twice as much printing / copying for the same $ amount).

New Software Features

We are also rolling out "View for Students". This allows BYOD onsite as well as home View clients to use a remote Windows desktop. One advantage of View is you can print as if you were using a school notebook or computer.  If you do print from home it is your responsibility to collect it from the printer or MFD – don’t waste your money and hurt the environment printing twice because you forgot to collect it. The new Papercut has Environmental cost tracking now so you can see your impact in trees consumed, carbon dioxide created etc.

We have now enabled Web Printing for the student printers. This means you will be able to print from any desktop device (Windows or Apple Laptop). To find out more information about this, please see the documentation here.

Library Student Print Room

Previously the Library had 2 x MFD’s (Multi-Function Device ie Print, Copy, Scan), a Black-only MFD (Toshiba E-Studio 355 Mono) and a colour capable MFD (Toshiba E-Studio 3520c Colour). Both printed at 35 pages per minute (ppm) for A4. We analysed the usage and found over 95% of printing was colour, and sometimes the colour MFD had quite a queue whilst the Black-only MFD was hardly ever used.

We have now installed a Toshiba E-Studio 6550c Colour MFD which is 65ppm in colour and 75ppm in black, and has much faster warmup and first-page out times. The scanning is also 40% faster and the printing resolution 4 times higher (1200 x 1200 dpi vs 600 x 600 dpi) and better colour depth (10 bits vs 8 bits per channel - this means smoother blends / fades / gradation).

This Toshiba has stapling / finishing options as well.

      Swiping your Student Card is no longer a sign-in method – you can use the large touch screen to:
Enter StudentID, or
Enter username + password

Make sure you sign out when finished otherwise other students can use your account for their printing!

New Devices

Artech Printing Nook (upstairs near Science block)

An additional colour printer (Ricoh SPC440DN) has been installed in Artech. It is only A4 capable. All students can print to this.

Year 12 Study

A replacement colour printer (Ricoh SPC440DN) has been installed in Y12 Study. It is only A4 capable. Only Y12 students can print to this.

Classrooms J2 – J10

A replacement colour printer (Ricoh SPC440DN) has been installed in these classrooms. It is only A4 capable. It is faster and better resolution than the previous printer. Students can only print to their homeroom printer.

Classrooms G1 – G5

Classroom G3 has a replacement black printer (Ricoh SP5200DN) but G1, G2, G4 & G5 have new colour printers (Ricoh SPC440DN) installed. They are only A4 capable. They are faster and better resolution than the previous printers.

Any questions or problems? Please see my Helpdesk team for assistance.

- David Soede, ICT Manager

Printer map for students