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Rights & Responsibilities

A Community of Respect

Striving for excellence in all endeavours in a happy, caring and supportive environment.

The most essential standard of behaviour is that all members of the community will treat one another with kindness, honour and respect in all situations. In everything we do, we will: 

Demonstrate Self-Respect by:

  • Striving to reach our potential in all areas, including academic and co-curricular activities, and citizenship.
  • Taking pride in our behaviour and appearance.
  • Focusing on our health and safety.

Respect Others by:

  • Helping to create an environment of encouragement and support within our K-12 School community.
  • Listening with consideration to the opinions and ideas of others in the community even when they are different from our own.
  • Respecting the privacy and property of others in the community.

Respect the School by:

  • Adhering to the rules of the School at all times.
  • Maintaining the grounds and facilities by cleaning up after ourselves and others when necessary.
  • Being a positive, honourable representative for the School in all endeavours and at all times.

To be treated with dignity and respect. To treat staff, students and visitors with consideration and respect.
To respect the rights of others to work free of distractions.
To move around the School in an appropriate manner.
To display behaviours which, at the School and in public, bring credit to oneself and the School.
To wear the School uniform correctly and with pride.
To feel secure in an environment free from negative actions from others and from harmful substances and objects. Not to bring to School substances which are harmful to health and items which have the potential to cause injury.
Not to hurt or cause harm to others.
To contribute my best efforts.
To help keep classrooms tidy.
To respect School grounds and property.
To study, work and pursue activities in pleasant, well kept surroundings. To eat and drink outside classroom blocks, the library building, etc.
To remain within School bounds.
To dispose of litter in the bins provided.
To not bring chewing gum to School.
To have belongings treated with care. To respect the belongings of others.
To understand that laptops and calculators are the only forms of personal electronic equipment to be used at School and mobile phones are to be switched off.
To be communicated with clearly, politely and respectfully. To communicate with others clearly, politely and respectfully.
To have viewpoints and contributions respected. To treat the viewpoints of others with respect.
To respect the ethos of Central Coast Grammar School.

All students are required to respect the traditions and ethos of the School and its continued good name. A student's ongoing enrolment in the School may be placed at risk for serious breaches of student responsibilities. Examples of serious issues including bullying, use of alcohol or illegal drugs, smoking and theft.

The School reserves the right to search bags and lockers for forbidden items.