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Student Tips

Backing Up Your Work

It is important to keep regular backups of your work because you never know what could happen to your laptop resulting in the loss of your school work. All students in the laptop program are responsible for making backups of their work and this is a part of the schools notebook agreement. Here are a few simple tips to get you going:

  • Use an external storage device such as a USB drive or portable harddrive to make copies of your work.
  •  Make a copy of your school work to your U drive which is stored on the network though cannot be accessed from home. You can find this by going to the Start Menu - Computer - U Drive under 'Network Location'.
  • Email yourself copies of your work.
  • Burn a copy of your work to CD/DVD.
  • Keep your work organised in a "School Work" folder, and create folders for each term and each subject. Keeping your work organised will make it much easier to find your work in the future.
  • Use a form of cloud storage such as drop box.
  • Speak to your teacher to see if they offer the option to submit your work via Moodle as a form of repository.